Of course, everyone knows what Jews are … don’t they? I mean, Jews are people, just like other people, right?

My eyes weren’t opened until I was about sixty years old. First I discovered that that crazy story about Jews controlling Hollywood is true. Then I learned that those wacko conspiracy theories about Jews controlling the economy, media, government, and just about everything else are also true.

Jew’s Who

Then it got personal.

I learned that many of the people who have stabbed me in the back here in corporate Seattle were Jews. I’m talking about Jews who worked for or largely controlled the Seattle School District, the local postal service operation, Microsoft, the media and on and on. I met some of these Jews face to face; they rank among the smelliest assholes I’ve ever met in my life. I felt that way even before I discovered they were Jews.

To cut to the chase, I hit the ground running. I’ve been fervently learning all I can about Jews. I’m working on several books and websites focusing on Jews. See Jews 101 and Jewarchy.

It suddenly occurred to me that a simple book offering brief biographies of notable Jews would be a fabulous reference. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a much more difficult project than I anticipated. I jumped in head first and have already made substantial progress. However, I don’t expect this book to be published until 2025 at the earliest.

You can keep tabs on my various political writing projects at KPow Books.

Thanks for visiting, and don’t be afraid to challenge the Jew World Order. The very survival of our planet is at stake.

David W. Blomstrom, May 9, 2022